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At the heart of everything we do lies a singular, unwavering goal: to connect the right individuals with the right roles within the perfect organizations. Each day, we strive to approach recruitment with more thoughtfulness, innovation, compassion, and persistence to fulfill this commitment.

Doing it the right way.
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Mirai is a team of recruitment experts dedicated to providing top-notch solutions in Temporary, Contract, Permanent, On-site, and Project Recruitment. We collaborate with clients both in Canada and worldwide, utilizing our deep market insights and technical proficiency to represent them impeccably.


With an impressive 9-year journey, Mirai has consistently excelled in the Recruitment Market, solidifying our position as a prominent brand in the Recruitment Consultancy sector. We embarked on this journey over 9 years ago, serving clients across the globe, and have since emerged as a high-performing consultancy driven by an innovative business model, a world-class recruitment process, and a talented team of exceptionally skilled Recruitment Specialists.

What we offer for:

Job Seekers

Personal Consultation

  • Our experienced consultants work with you to understand your skills, goals, and preferences.
  • After thorough analysis, we provide you with personally tailored job opportunities and assist you in preparing for interviews.

Professional Training

  • We grant access to training programs and workshops aimed at enhancing your professional skills.
  • Our educational resources help you improve your competitiveness in the job market and advance in your chosen field.

Career Advancement Support

  • We support you at every stage of your career, helping you find new opportunities and progress further.
  • Our career consultants offer guidance on how to achieve your professional goals.


Talent Acquisition

  • We ensure to find and present you with the best-fit candidates who align with your requirements and company culture.
  • Our selection process includes skill assessment, interviews, and assessment centers.

Workforce Solutions

  • We offer temporary, contract, permanent, and project-based employment services, catering to various staffing needs.
  • Our expertise allows you to quickly and efficiently build teams for different projects and roles.

Labor Market Consulting

  • We provide you with up-to-date information on the labor market, trends, and competition.
  • Our recommendations assist you in developing hiring and personnel management strategies that contribute to your company's success.

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Reasons to Choose Us

Professional Expertise: Our company provides highly qualified consultants with years of experience in personnel recruitment and employee training. We possess in-depth knowledge of the job market and can accurately identify the best candidates for positions or develop customized training programs that meet the client's needs.

Personalized Approach: We value the unique needs of each client. Our team works to provide solutions that best align with specific requirements and expectations. We listen and understand you, striving to achieve the best results.


Comprehensive Service: We offer a wide range of services, including personnel recruitment, training, and human resources consulting. This allows our clients to focus on their business, knowing that we will provide comprehensive management of all personnel-related matters and help them succeed in growing their company.


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